Gainesville FL Automotive Repair & Service

Our customers understand that maintaining their vehicle’s overall health is in their best interest and saves money in the long run. It is understood that when cars are well taken care of they last longer, and are more economical to maintain than vehicles that are poorly maintained. Our data shows that even when our customer keep their vehicles in top shape their monthly cost of use is far less than any other form of transportation, unless they are willing to be exposed to the elements (walking, cycling, etc.). We have been saving money for our customers in Gainesville, and surrounding Alachua, Marion, Levy, Gilchrist, Columbia, Union, Bradford, Clay, and Putnam Counties through a wholistic approach to automotive service since 1981 providing repair and maintenance to all automotive systems, including rebuilding automatic and standard transmissions, and differentials.

Customers' Trust

The keyword at our auto repair shop is TRUST. The ownership, management, office staff, and technicians at Carrsmith Auto Repair strive to be a friendly, problem-solving, courteous, and informative group of people. We provide you with in depth knowledge of your vehicle and properly planned maintenance that takes the stress out of ownership, reduces cost of vehicle use, increases resale value, and vehicle longevity. Our goal is to do our best to take the surprises out of vehicle ownership in Gainesville, and to make vehicle ownership anything but complicated. In fact, we want customers to feel right at home when they visit our service center. Planned maintenance is the key to trouble-free ownership. Simply fixing things as they break puts owners 'behind the curve,' and greatly increases one's chances of the needless expense of catastrophic component failure. This is why we at Carrsmith Auto Repair make it our mission to provide our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed choices. Our goal at Carrsmith Auto Repair is to provide the best possible auto repair service in Gainesville.

Unequaled Repair & Service

Carrsmith Auto Repair hires only the best automotive service technicians and specialists at our auto repair shop in Gainesville. We do not hire ordinary car mechanics, rather our team is made up of professionally-trained and qualified automotive service specialists that are ASE Certified Technicians. Customers of Carrsmith Auto Repair often find that the quality of our teams' vehicle repair services in Gainesville exceeds their expectations.

Our technicians understand and appreciate that the vehicles they repair are used for transportation to and from work, transporting precious cargo, and getting around the Gainesville area for important appointments and errands. In other words the vehicles they service are important to and depended upon by our customers.

Come Say Hello

Carrsmith Auto Repair invites anyone in Gainesville, or the surrounding Alachua County area, that is either new to our community or unsatisfied with their current automotive service shop, to stop by our shop located at 2205 SW 13th Street in Gainesville or call us during business hours at 352 378 7830 to say hello. Our team would enjoy getting to know you better over a cup of coffee while discussing the specific service needs for your vehicle(s). We would appreciate the opportunity to show you why since 1981 year after year, Carrsmith Auto Repair has enjoyed the reputation as being among the best auto repair shops in Gainesville.