How Much Does It Cost To Fix Alignment Problems?

Carrsmith is often asked by our customers in and around the Gainesville area how much it cost to fix alignment problems. Our automotive repair technicians tell our customers that a wheel alignment does not involves only labor costs, no parts, and for a four wheel alignment they can expect to pay about $89.95, and for a four wheel alignment on Euro cars may be up to $129.95. When camber bolts, or other repairs are needed in order to properly align the vehicle those charges are extra and will be communicated to the customer after the alignment check is completed to determine if anything extra is needed. Carrsmith tells our customers that a wheel alignment is important as it helps ensure all four wheels are running parallel to one another and the tires are hitting the pavement at the proper angle. When wheels are not aligned properly, problems such as irregular tire wear, premature deterioration of tires, a crooked steering wheel, or poor vehicle handling may result. A wheel alignment at Carrsmith can generally take about 1 hour. Our wheel alignment specialists place the vehicle on a lift so the wheels can rotate while a computer determines their orientation. This information is used to then compare it to manufacturer's specifications for that vehicle's year, make, and model.