Client Review
Ray Hughes — Gainesville FL

Carrsmith Auto Repair is pleased to share the following client review from Ray Hughes of Gainesville . Carrsmith Auto Repair loves getting such feedback as Ray shared as it assist with our goal of being the very best automotive repair shop in the Gainesville area.

Highly pleased with the reception and especially the patient listening to my list of symptoms of a tire or suspension problem. Test driving was exactly what I felt was needed to demonstrate the somewhat illusive vibration and imprecise steering. Coupled with an alignment check and the use of the Road Force balancer, the problem was isolated to a slightly defective brand-new tire. Armed with this I was able to get Continental Tire to agree to replace tires with upgraded tires and Continental volunteered to fully refund the original tires purchase price! Great going CARRSMITH - you provided the correct analysis to end weeks of frustration trying to isolate the problem. On top of that, your charge was substantially lower than I anticipated! Thanks, CARRSMITH, you did the job right.

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